Agility Class

Well we had our first one was FUN!! I think Boomer liked it.  Next week I'll bring Bluebelle and Boomer (I didn't take her today since she just had her surgery on Saturday).

I'll have to remember to bring a camera and take pictures next week.   There are four of us in class, well five counting my two.

Here is a picture of Bluebelle sitting with Olivia this morning as she is sleeping.  Poor Bluebelle is wearing the 'cone of shame' (UP! Movie)


is doing GREAT!! she was groggy the first day when we brought her home and slept most of the day...Sunday morning she was a maniac! was running around the yard like crazy.  You would never have known she just had surgery! 

Today is the Day

Bluebelle is getting spayed.  We have tried to keep the news from her so she won't be nervous or upset :(

They are all (the dogs) wondering why they have had no breakfast nor water...I don't think they are very happy with 'mom' this morning.   We are going to see if we can 'show' Boomer, so are waiting on neutering him.

Isn't this the cutest?  both of the them snuggled together.  :)

I do believe

that the equal of the terrible two's (in humans) has now arrived at my house in a double dose :(   

These two are into EVERYTHING.... ugh.

Puppy class is

officially OVER!! woo hoo!!!  it was fun, I'd admit it.  But it was 10 weeks long and started at 7:30 at night....and the place was like 40 mins from me!   Which meant I didn't get home till almost 10 pm....way past my bedtime.

The Boomer and I scored a 2nd place spot with a very cool trophy (whoo hooo for us) Joey scored the Most Improved Team (voted by all the attendees graduating).    Everyone got a certificate and ribbon.

Boomer was totally awesome on the long sit stay and down stay.  Didn't move at all.   wasn't the best on leash and when we went off leash, he had a MAJOR scratching fit!!!  His recall was awesome and almost knocked me over (he looked like a bullet flying to me).   Didn't get the 'finish' down but it's coming along.   The breeder's dog was awesome on leash and off leash....but broke on the long sit stay/down stay..... so I ended up scoring above her, but she was so way better.

Bluebelle decided she didn't want to do much of anything so just got up and left.   But I was really proud of Joey cause he was extremely mature during this whole training session.

They are now 5 mths old (talk about time flying) and getting so big.

Four Puppies

working on our sit stays.  They all were doing well.  Bluebelle and Boomer are at the far right.

No much happening

I've been remiss this last week about 'training'....this week, I've been AWFUL!!  but I think the puppies could use a break and me too.   Today was very chilly out (ok, come on, we do live in Arizona!)  and tomorrow morning it will be down in the 30's.....brrrrr.    It dropped over 30 degrees from yesterday to today so I was a wimp and didn't walk.   Tomorrow isn't looking good either.

The puppies are doing well with the 'come' command.   And walking out to the car with no leads on.   They go right to the car now for a 'ride'.  

Officially Four Months

Monday was the puppies four month old birthday! Time sure does fly.   We are 1/2 way through obedience training and all of the puppies (there are 5 of the litter in class) are doing really well....I am proud of ALL OF THEM!

These puppies have been such a joy....we all get a kick out of watching the 'stub' wag when they are happy...just brings a smile to your face.  When Bluebelle is happy she turns into a U shape....that is really funny.

Blessing of the Animals

The boys were schedule to work during this mass, so Olivia and I brought Kaiser, Boomer and Bluebelle.... oh my!!  I am very sure that it lasted way longer then mass ever does......bringing three dogs is quite tiring.  The funny part is we exhausted the puppies and Kaiser too.....!  It was nice in the end, when it was over.   Not sure I will attempt this again though!

ah, how cute!


BlueBelle moved at the last second. They will be 16 weeks tomorrow and doing AWESOME with the obedience training.

Final Shots

Well we are official.....All shots they have gotten! woo hooo!!

Boomer weighs in at 28.7 and BlueBelle at 22lbs

She got stung or bit by something and has quite the 'roman' nose.   Got meds for that.

But even with a big nose she is still cute! :)

Why is it

when I have no camera handy, the puppies/dogs are doing something cute...funny....but when I have the camera ready nothing happens.... I sit and wait and wait and wait...... finally putting the camera away only to have them do something camera worthy.   It's a vicious circle!!!

Banging my head ....

with frustration.....well so far the nights are going well....woo hooo!!!  we had 3 good days of no apparent potties in the house only to break the record by BOTH of them this morning.  UGH.  and on MY bad.

Four Days or I should say nights....

of no middle of the night potties!! woo hooo!!!! I am sooooo excited.

As for housebreaking, well my last post stated I was on day 2 of no potties in the house, but leave it the hubby and kids (when mom isn't around) to not pay attention and let them go on the floor.....sigh. Start over again for the 2nd time. We are now again on Day 3 of housebreaking with no accidents.....but I have to leave again today ..... so keeping fingers crossed we can mark this day off on the calendars.

Holding my breath for a third one

yes, last night was the 2nd miracle..... puppies went all night again without having a middle of the night potty break (you know this is like when the kids were babies and friends would say 'oh Johnny started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks! I always cringed, I was never that lucky).   So here we are at 3 1/2 mths and praying for the 3 rd day of miracles....and that it continues in that fashion.

So far, I am on day 2 also of no potty's in the house...... keeping fingers crossed that continues also! :)

A Miracle!

Yes, I say.  A miracle has happened in the household.   The puppies went one full night without being let out!!  Let's keep the fingers crossed that tonight it will happen again.

We started our obedience training.  I worked with them 3 times far only once today.   I need to go do it again.

Accidents Happen....

and I am NOT happy.   Someone (Boomer) had a tummy ache and pooped in his crate.  I guess the first time he made racket but no body bothered to let him out.....the 2nd time I guess he just decided it was ok the first time, so I'll just go.
Now I feel like I have to start all over on crate training.  :(   I don't want him to think it was ok to have gone in the crate, but well, when you have a tummy ache and have to go..... I think we all know that feeling.....

Almost had it

Two days of no potties in the house.... from either one.  I was so excited!  I was like"yeah, we are on our way" but leave for a bit to go to church with 'Dad' in charge and what do I come home to?   Two pee pee's in the house.  I am sooooooo not happy.    I mean come on, how hard can it be to watch two puppies?  really I do it every day all week long.  

Back to the start again.  Dang, I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

It's dark now.

2 beautiful puppies!

I feel so blessed to have gotten these two....both have great temperments and personalities and are just GORGEOUS!!  Just like my Kaiser is :)


Funny to watch the puppies discover new things.    The other morning Boomer some how managed to get the skateboard moving....and it gently rolled down the patio.   Watching his expression of it moving by itself was priceless!

Occasionally they get on the skateboard....almost like they are waiting for it to do something.  We are never fast enough to get a picture of that!

Last night I thought WOW! the puppies made it ALL night without being taken out for a potty but nah, Anthony took them out at 10pm.... I for once, slept till 4:30am!! woo hoo!

We've had quite a few good rains, where it floods the yard.  These puppies have no problem with going into puddles that are pretty deep.

Potty Training

Just when I think it's got to be over, no accidents have happen....there one goes.   Bluebelle was so excited this morning that I guess she couldn't wait till she got through the door to go.... :(   well I rushed her out faster then she could go with a loud NO!  accompanying it.

I forget how much I hate this part of puppyhood.  Crate training is going well no messes in there.  Now if they would just get it in their heads that means the rest of the house, I'd be really happy!!

Three Months Old

Yesterday (Friday 4th of Sept) marked the puppies being three months old.  Both had their 3 rd booster shots (only one set left!)

Boomer weighed in at 21.4 lbs and Bluebelle at 14.1.   I somehow managed to get the biggest and smallest pups of the litter!  Not to mention the difference in personalities.... laid back and ms activity!  :)

Maybe I spoke to soon?

Being up at 3:15 am in NOT fun....

After being let out last night at 9:30 Boomer decides it is TIME TO PLAY.   He was a bit noisy for a while after being crated.  Bluebelle went right to sleep!

So around comes this morning and SOMEONE has to go potty.... and yes here I sit on the back porch since then.  I am wide awake and can only imagine what it would be like, crating them.   hmmm, maybe I can take a nap after walking this morning?

The plus side is the crates are dry at night! :)


Are being established and coming along nicely. They get up and play for an hour or so, have breakfast, play some more! By 8am they are ready for a nice long nap which gives me time to run errands.

Late morning takes us to more play time and lunch. Then it's just the wait till the kids get out of school.

They are now 11 weeks old.

Early Morning Wakeup :(

yep, here I sit. On the back porch, watching the two puppies, typing on the computer, watching bats fly by and grab bugs. The plus side.....NO FLIES! Someone had to go potty really bad.

They slept the day away yesterday....passed out in the kitchen. Couldn't get Boomer to get up and do ANYTHING. Figured I'd pay for it this morning, yep. I am right. Here I sit.

Boomer is pretty heavy. We figure he is at about 17 pounds. BlueBelle still seems like she is light as feather. Boomer is a very solid pooch.

Not much to report

which I guess is a good thing, right? Both puppies are doing well, adjusting to the routines of the house. We spend alot of time outside on the back porch (fighting off the flies). It is pretty hard during the day watching the two of them myself (making sure no one piddles on the floor).

Today they both passed out on the kitchen floor and slept for quite awhile! It was really cute. No recent pictures sorry!

Look at these eyes

and the post wouldn't be complete without a picture of Bluebelle!

Yesterday we expanded the crates: Boomer's is full sized and Bluebelle's is about 3/4. Last night went well with no piddles in the keeping fingers crossed!

Completed 4 nights

successfully for all of us involved. :) Bluebelle is just a delight and quite the opposite of Boomer in personality. They both have qualities that the other doesn't have. If I could blend them into one dog, it would be a completely AWESOME pooch!

First two nights

have been pretty awesome. Bluebelle is not too hot on the crating but she is adjusting ok....a little crying about it but then she is quiet. I was going to say no house accidents, but in the middle of writing this had an unexpected phone call from a terrific friend and in the meantime had a piddle accident.....oh well....we caught her in the act.

Call me crazy, bonkers...

all kinds of names. We did it. Got another one. Finally got Boomer to respond to his name and have him 'come around' and be an awesome pooch and I bring another one home! duh! LOL

We got his sibling, the blue merle girl. Her name is BlueBelle. Silly name but we gave all the puppies names and that is what we called her. All the kids didn't want to change it.

This is when she was about 3 or 4 weeks old

We've only been home for about 2 hours and I am EXHAUSTED. Boomer thinks it's fun to attack/jump on her. She is getting better at standing up for herself.

Other dogs are doing fine with her....Sam tries to herd her around.....BB just wants to explore. Boomer is such a sweetheart I realize how far he has come in the last three weeks and appreciate him all the more! :)

by the way, he outweighs her by 4 lbs


Kaiser has decided Boomer is ok: He has started to play with him. Won't let him climb on him, but progress is progress! :)

Growing Up.

Boomer had his second set of shots today. Then he got to play with his siblings that are still at the barn. The black tri we had wanted (he was sold) is back for babysitting....he is just too cute...I still love him dearly. Boomer weighed in at 14lbs and is WAY bigger then all of them....

The dogs were so happy and excited to see him when we got home.....they smelled and kissed him. It was really quite cute.

Ok, call me off the wall and bananas....but I want another one! :) no not a banana.

I am really liking the little blue girl. She is so sweet.

Today was a first...

or should I say last night?

Boomer is crated up about 8pm (ok we are all pretty tired by then of watching the puppy and playing with him).  I told hubby to let him out to potty at 10p or so..... well guess who fell asleep and forgot?  you got it!

I was up at 3am (I know, WHY?... Heaven only knows....) and let everyone the bottom line is Boomer went from 8p to 3am holding it! woo hoooooo!!!!!   that was a bit longer then I had plan, but he did it!

Of course someone was extremely awake and playful after that.  yawn.   Am sitting on the back porch at 4:30am.   It is nice and peaceful and temps. are wonderful at this time of morning.

Oh, and don't feed the dogs when you are half asleep.   I dumped the WHOLE dish of food all over the floor.   I could have just kicked myself.  what a mess.   AND, do you know that these dogs are so snoopy they wouldn't EAT it off of the floor!  I had to scoop it back into the dish.  geesh!


That it is fun to climb on Leo; he is like a mountain!

I still sit down to pee sometimes (dad finally believes mom now that he saw me do it)

I discovered the birds in the yard..... I don't know what they are, but how cool!

I love to stick my head in the water bucket

I have decided I am a big boy and don't want to eat out of that baby dish....bring on the big boy stainless steel dish Mom!

I love my frozen water bottles...

Best time of day is when my kids come home.....

Not much of an update

Weekend went fine....he had his first bath...I took a well needed break from being at home and went to the movies and saw GI Joe.   :)

Here are some pictures from today.   Boomer's fur is still fluffy from his bath.

Kaiser Above
Sam Below


First Bath

it's always so exciting when you have your first's for everything! :)

Today Boomer got his first bath:

Nights are getting better and hopefully we can start going for longer and longer periods at night.   I think I have finally recovered from way too many wakeups in the middle of the night.  The last few nights I hit the sack between 7p and 7:30p!

Today we are 8 weeks old!

He is so Happy to see me in the middle of the night....I just love when that little tail wags...I feel like I have really made his day/night when I show up! :)

Another successful night is under the belt and now we are working on getting a rountine down for the days. Boomer likes to take his morning nap so that works out well for me to run errands, but now I have to work on something for the afternoons as I want to also work in the classroom at school.

Using bits of food for training "come here". He is a bit of tough nut to crack and is quite independant at times.

Sleepless Nights

Finally caught up with me.  I went to bed before 7:30p last night and told the family "Ok, you are in charge of him!  I need to get some sleep".   Well Boomer did pretty darn good.....was let out at 10p and I was up at 4am.  Nothing in between those times....not sure I would have even heard him if there had been!  I was out of it.

Check out the new video posted of Boomer playing with the ball.

Second successful night....

but why oh why does 4am come so early.  YAWN!!!  middle of the night potty run and then wide awake at 4am to potty and play.   I am NOT awake at that time and thankfully it's nice outside at that time, cause we spend a lot of time out there!

Another Successful Night

Another night under our belts....about 1/2 through getting up to go potty and then wide awake at 4am to play play play!!!  yawn.....

I am buried under the toys!!  where am I?

and of course we can't forget a picture of Kaiser:

A small success!

I went from 8p to 12:30a with no mess in my crate! I am so happy :)   Then until 4a was another success!  Hurrah for me.

Now if I could only please my new mommy and listen to her when she is making noises at me.  I would much rather just do my own thing....why does she always do this when it's so hot out and want me to get up and go to her.  hrmph.

Boomer is a funny pup...the usual puppy noises/activities that get a puppy to come to you don't really seem to work.  He just ignores us and goes on about his rountine.   We decided we would try small treats and that worked for the first few times and then he is like, nah, not worth it!!

Kaiser is getting more used to him and played tug of war with him this morning.  He was very gentle with him and didn't pull to hard.

Saturday Night

All went well over night..... I was up twice; once at 10:30p and then at 1:30am. He didn't wake me up but since I woke up myself, I let everyone out.

He is passed out right now under the kitchen table. He had lunch and went back to sleep! :) Still isn't hot about coming when you call to him; make noises, clap your hands, stamp your feet. He just looks at you. I did use some liver treats (tiny pieces) to get him to come to me and that worked, but don't want to use to many and give him a tummy ache!

A Piddle

Up at 11pm (Leo) everyone out to potty.....jump ahead to 4am and puppy crying.....yep, he did a BIG piddle in the crate. I will say he was MOST unhappy and when he got out side was rubbing his butt on the ground trying to get it off. I hope and PRAY this will be his one and only time this will happen.

Either it's me or it's Boomer, but I swear he doesn't like me anymore. Which is just great as I am the main caretaker. He seems fine and happy with everyone else. Just doesn't want to have anything to do with me.

Maybe a lack of sleep, not feeling good (had a horrible sinus headache yesterday) is making me overly emotional...I don't know.


Well I woke up on the grouchy side, not cause of the puppy.....LEO!! 11pm ..... and then I woke up at 3:30 am myself......oh no, I guess I didn't now that I remember rightly...that was the puppy that woke me up. Boomer was wide awake and wanting to play. All I have to say is thank goodness it's nice outside at that time of day, as I spent probably an hour sitting out there while he was playing etc.

No pictures this head hurts too much to take a picture!

Someone will get....

a smaller crate as of tonight. He did well last night; Anthony let him out at 11:30pm (unbeknowst to me) and I let everyone out at 2:30am. No accidents in the kennel...... but wait!! I left for a few hours and came home to a puddle :( :( :( I had been so happy he didn't piddle in the middle of the night, then this. I guess I am expecting way too much of a young puppy?

So his crate will be reduced to a smaller size tonight. I really hope and pray he doesn't want to sleep in his mess....I feel so mean doing it, but I know it has to be done. wahhhhhhhhhh

I took some video this morning so I will upload it later today.
Here is the link to the page

Here I am back to update my post:


I don't think I have ever seen a puppy who actually sits to pee.....he is very sneaky cause he does that in the house and by the time you realize he is doing his "sitting pee" he has already gone on the floor!! ARRRRGHHH

Sometimes I (Boomer) am anti social and just go do what I want to do and don't even pay attention when the humans are trying to get my attention
is that my age? my temperament? my personality?

Sometimes (this is me talking) over the last 5 days, that 'trait' has been a put off... I so fell in love with him and the Black Tri, but Gus like merle coloring better.....hope we made the right choice!

Signed Reena who is second guessing herself now

Third Night....Or Three Dog Night...oh wait, we.....

have FOUR!! duh. See it IS a lack of sleep!

Someone actually slept for a long span of time. Leo had me up at, I think it was 11:30 (these dogs have had the runs, off and on, like you wouldn't believe....nothing seems to help!). Sometimes all at the same time (think it was the food) then it will be one, then the other....etc. Leo is by far the worse one. He has a very sensitive tummy. Speaking to a friend today who also has a shepherd, this seems to be a prevalent thing with them.
Leo then had me up at 2:30 am AGAIN for a potty run....Boomer went out with us that time. Did both of the potties like a good boy....but then he wants to PLAY......and boy did he holler when he was crated again...thankfully it didn't last for a long time. He did do a potty on his puppy pad though :( he had been doing sooooooo good up till then. sniff sniff. After speaking with the breeder it was suggested that I NOT have that in there with him, so the kennel will now be stripped down.

Kaiser is getting better at not be a scary cat around him and is going over and smelling him and a small itty bitty ounce of playing with him.

New Observations:

I am quite feisty

Have realized I have a voice and I can use it

Ha! the big dogs don't know what to do with me when I use that voice

[caption id="attachment_76" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Playing Tug of War with Kaiser"]Playing Tug of War with Kaiser[/caption]

The 2nd night of Adventure

ok, it's a tiny video... and dark. But he does love to play tug of war! :)

ok, not sure it is really an adventure....but I do know I am a getting tired from a lack of a full night's sleep!

Some observations:

I don't know my name yet

I have figured out how to go up the steps to the patio after we have finished a potty (figured that out the first day)

That it is fun to bite the tails of the big guys (maybe cause I don't have one?)

I think my mom's earlobe is one of the milk fountains I don't get anymore...I sure do miss those

I can pass out into a dead sleep at the blink of an eye

Big Sister Sam watches out for me and tolerates me (mostly) trying to nurse on her.... big brothers NOT

I love playing with Olivia

The cat in NOT impressed by my ultra cuteness

Tug of War is FUN FUN FUN

First Night

First night wasn't tooooooo sure is like having a new baby in the house.  Anthony was a help for me.... he got up at 11pm and let Boomer out...then I was up at 1am with him and the other dogs....and stepped in poop of course (outside).  Then up at 3:30am.   Boomer decided it was for sure playtime now!  By 4am we went back to sleep for awhile....Mom was tired!

I tried my modified backpack/sling for walking (with Boomer in it) and it works out ok, but I won't be doing any LONG walks with him in there.  Even at less then 8lbs, he is still heavy to carry around! whew.

He is sleeping now; so when he wakes up it's more play time, eating, potty and then back to sleep.  I have to go do my daily errands!! :)

Finally Home and Exhausted!

We brought Boomer home today and introduced him to the older dogs.   All has gone well so far...we've been outside for a pee/poop and have had lunch.  Now we are tired again and having another nap!

Music Video

of the puppies playing with my son, Anthony.  They are 5 weeks now.

Just Born

A great surprise when we got to the barn in June...PUPPIES
the future Boomer is in the middle (and Bluebelle is laying right next to him!)

First Post on the Aussie Blog

Thanks for stopping by to visit. We are soon to welcome a new puppy into the house; a 6 week old Australian Shepherd. What has been so much fun about this, is we have seen the litter of 7 since they were about 3 hours old! The journey of watching them grow and develop has been such a joy.