16 days

and they will be one year old! This year has gone by so fast.   Looking back, it's hard to believe that day almost a year ago when we went out to the barn and got to see the brand new litter of puppies, that two of them would become ours!


Well today's class was number ..... oh I don't know...... we've done a lot of them now, I've lost count! :)   I have kept Joey out of school last week and today (it's the last week of school) to come to agility class with me and work Bluebelle while I am working Boomer.   Now that it is summer time (yeah, no school) he will be able to come with me weekly.  :) 

Today, we finished the class off with each of us (teams:  dog/human) doing 12 obstacles.....all I have to say is we were ALL TIRED!

it was Red Jump, Teeter (Totter), White Jump, A frame, Green Jump, Tunnel, Pink Jump, Blue jump, yellow tunnel, quick turn up the dog walk, Blue Tunnel, White Jump

we practiced them in separate parts and then Sherry put them all together.   Pups are pooped out and so am I.  Joey got to go back to school!!

It's the Saturday.....

Borrowed from: http://www.thethunderingherd.com/news/
cause I don't know where to get my own :(

Picture of

Boomer.   Bluebelle doesn't seem to want her picture taken and runs off: