Puppy Pictures

My photo shoot got canceled so the puppies were the lucky recipients!

oh my, we are soooooo tired!

outtake!!  what it looks like taking pictures with the dogs in the house!

Happy Birthday Boomer and Bluebelle!!

They were officially one on Saturday, but mom was sick and flat out sleeping most of the day...sorry for the belated birthday wishes! This last year has gone by amazingly fast. Seems like just yesterday seeing them for the first time.

Too Hot!

at 7:30 am it was already in the high 80's and by the time we finished agility at 8:30am it was 90℉!  Bluebelle decided she was 'done' way before the others and no one was going to be able to budge her into doing one thing more except to lay down in the shade.  

It was also determined she needs to go on a diet (don't we all!? ok, I do!) Boomer did great and would have done even better if his 'mom' would have had her act together more often! can I blame it on the heat?


Boomer did it again......he found a baby bird in the yard and gobbled it down.   I wasn't here for this one but my hubby was home when it happened.  Poor birdy.   Feathers and all....tweeting on the way down :(