Almost 9mths old, hard to believe!

I can't believe Tucker is almost 9mths old! wow, time sure has flown!  It has been that long since our older German Shepherd Leo passed away and then a short month later I lost my beloved Kaiser.....still miss him daily but the pain of the loss isn't as strong, still there though

So here is Mr. Tucker and one of Bluebelle at the end:

Escapee's yesterday

Anthony comes to me and says "where are the dogs"  Me:  what do you mean WHERE ARE THE DOGS?    A:  The front door is open   (they had just been right by my feet at the computer)

Well my adrenaline started pumping and my heart fell, especially as I ran out the front door and there were NO DOGS to be seen or heard.....

After calling them for a frantic 5 minutes, we did finally find them....I have NO idea how long they had been out, 5 mins?  20 mins?   Thank the LORD they were still close by, hadn't gotten hit by a car (the people in our neighbor drive pretty fast sometimes)

They sure were pooped out after their 'adventure'

Here are my escapee' not taken yesterday