Not everyone's cup of tea

A friend was over and asked how I was doing after losing Kaiser right on the heels of Leo...I said, doing ok, considering.  But we just got Kaiser's ashes back and they are sitting right next to Leo's, over there on the fireplace....he was like 'ummm, ok'  ( I do believe he thought that was the most bizarre thing he had ever heard of).... do you think it's weird?  
We have had many dogs over the years and have never had their ashes....until we moved here to Arizona where it was finally affordable for us, when our old dog passed away.   

The CLINIC where we took Kaiser to have him humanely put down, also offered a clay imprint of their paw, which was at no charge.  I thought that was just the nicest thing and sobbing at the time, said of course I wanted it (I would have paid for it too!)

So anyhow, here is a picture of Kaiser that I like (it is leaning against the frame with a different picture of him in it) along with the pawprint.  My hubby found the little easel to put it in. 

Time is healing the pain of loss, each day is easier...knowing he is at the Rainbow Bridge gives me comfort.

Picture Time | Life's Moments Photography

Just some cute pictures of the puppies and one of my Kaiser, taken last Friday after his 2nd seizure. I knew it wasn't going to be a good time for I knew I should get a least one recent picture (as I felt so bad after Leo of whom I hadn't gotten any recents of!)

RIP Kaiser 12/3/07 to 11/6/10

We had Kaiser put down this afternoon.   Starting yesterday morning at 1:30am he started having seizures (remember he had that one last month) and after that one came another a few hours later....for a total of 7 for that day alone.   Over the night time (and I have not slept except for a few minutes here and there since yesterday)...he had more and more and closer and closer together.  and they were violent ones....not little itty bitty ones, but ones where he was thrashing around, body flipping and the legs just freaking out.      Well he never came out of these seizures.  He would have one, and then just lay flat, seemingly asleep.     And then anywhere from 10 mins to an hour later have another one.   He never 'woke' up again.    The vet said we made the right choice.

RIP Kaiser   12/3/07 to 11/6/10
OMG, I miss him so much!!!!  I can't believe he is gone. 
Thank you all for your comments,  I really appreciate them.  It has been an awful month. 

More sad news, sigh

Kaiser my baby, my German Shepherd who is 'attached' to me and is my baby, started having seizures early Friday morning see this post

So anyhow, he recovers from it then at 9am has another one. I was home alone (just me and the dogs) and it was scary. Then he had one about 5 hours later....then one at 7p and then one at 9:30p (the vet said he could have a cluster---yep that is alot of them) but the directives were to keep a log of them and when/how often.

Well, it never got any better after the 9:30p one. He had one that I know of at 12:20a which was pretty intense (he may have had other small ones that I don't know of).....and after that he didn't really seem to get any better. At about 2am he had another one and it's been that way for the rest of the morning; seizure after seizure. It is heart breaking.

I am going to pick up some meds for him today but I don't know how I will get it down into him. He is complete out of it, never has come out of the seizure mode like he did before. I know he is exhausted but it's kind of hard to give medicine like that to someone isn't awake/eating/drinking. And I don't want to get my hand bit either :(

This has really been one of the most awful 24 hour+ of my life. And I have been awake for all of it