Puppies in a Basket

They are 3 weeks in this shot!  Only 5 would fit in the basket (and they were all squirmy!)

I know we said we were taking the red tri but we have decided on the black tri (in the first picture)
tentative name: Riley
but dang, they are just all so darn cute!  I want them all!

Photography by me

Here is a shot of the handsome dad:  Photography by me

Eyes are open finally!

Tentative name is Tucker....

Not sure about it though...I thought Rusty was cute, as well as Rocky.    Still open to name
suggestions.  The kids are no help! LOL

Two Weeks Today

Bad quality video but he is sucking on my son's finger and making baby noises.  You have to listen carefully.

Poor baby he ended up upside down while nursing...too funny

Yes, we are getting another puppy

you knew I wouldn't be able to resist.  But first, this is NOT a replacement for my Kaiser Dog.... I don't think we will get another G. Shepherd for quite a while; that I feel would be trying to replace him.  But this little guy will help to fill the hole that Kaiser did leave in the family.

Once again taken with my cell phone....do you think I can remember a freakin' camera...NO!!

He is the Red Tri....in the first picture (which I forgot to rotate) he is the third from the bottom
and in the other two, he is smack dab in the middle
No name picked out as of yet....so submit your ideas for one! :)

Christmas Time!

I was a little worried/concerned that Boomer would think the tree was for him to you know, pee on (not that he does that in the house but it's not everyday we bring in a tree either). But he has been a very good boy, they both have! No stealing of ornaments :)

New Puppies!

yep, Boomer and Bluebelle's mom had 8 puppies last friday (7 boys and 1 girl).  They are a week old in these shots (taken with my cell phone, so not the best). 

2 blue merles,  3 red merles, 2 black tri's and 1 red tri

Mama dog is soooooo good...she is just the best.  

Monday Snapshot

Taken by Anthony with his Ipod Touch....we were at agility practice over at Carol's house...Boomer and Bluebelle were waiting for their turn!   Boomer was stretched flat out with his legs straight behind
him... :)