Final Shots

Well we are official.....All shots they have gotten! woo hooo!!

Boomer weighs in at 28.7 and BlueBelle at 22lbs

She got stung or bit by something and has quite the 'roman' nose.   Got meds for that.

But even with a big nose she is still cute! :)

Why is it

when I have no camera handy, the puppies/dogs are doing something cute...funny....but when I have the camera ready nothing happens.... I sit and wait and wait and wait...... finally putting the camera away only to have them do something camera worthy.   It's a vicious circle!!!

Banging my head ....

with frustration.....well so far the nights are going well....woo hooo!!!  we had 3 good days of no apparent potties in the house only to break the record by BOTH of them this morning.  UGH.  and on MY bad.

Four Days or I should say nights....

of no middle of the night potties!! woo hooo!!!! I am sooooo excited.

As for housebreaking, well my last post stated I was on day 2 of no potties in the house, but leave it the hubby and kids (when mom isn't around) to not pay attention and let them go on the floor.....sigh. Start over again for the 2nd time. We are now again on Day 3 of housebreaking with no accidents.....but I have to leave again today ..... so keeping fingers crossed we can mark this day off on the calendars.

Holding my breath for a third one

yes, last night was the 2nd miracle..... puppies went all night again without having a middle of the night potty break (you know this is like when the kids were babies and friends would say 'oh Johnny started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks! I always cringed, I was never that lucky).   So here we are at 3 1/2 mths and praying for the 3 rd day of miracles....and that it continues in that fashion.

So far, I am on day 2 also of no potty's in the house...... keeping fingers crossed that continues also! :)

A Miracle!

Yes, I say.  A miracle has happened in the household.   The puppies went one full night without being let out!!  Let's keep the fingers crossed that tonight it will happen again.

We started our obedience training.  I worked with them 3 times far only once today.   I need to go do it again.

Accidents Happen....

and I am NOT happy.   Someone (Boomer) had a tummy ache and pooped in his crate.  I guess the first time he made racket but no body bothered to let him out.....the 2nd time I guess he just decided it was ok the first time, so I'll just go.
Now I feel like I have to start all over on crate training.  :(   I don't want him to think it was ok to have gone in the crate, but well, when you have a tummy ache and have to go..... I think we all know that feeling.....

Almost had it

Two days of no potties in the house.... from either one.  I was so excited!  I was like"yeah, we are on our way" but leave for a bit to go to church with 'Dad' in charge and what do I come home to?   Two pee pee's in the house.  I am sooooooo not happy.    I mean come on, how hard can it be to watch two puppies?  really I do it every day all week long.  

Back to the start again.  Dang, I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

It's dark now.

2 beautiful puppies!

I feel so blessed to have gotten these two....both have great temperments and personalities and are just GORGEOUS!!  Just like my Kaiser is :)


Funny to watch the puppies discover new things.    The other morning Boomer some how managed to get the skateboard moving....and it gently rolled down the patio.   Watching his expression of it moving by itself was priceless!

Occasionally they get on the skateboard....almost like they are waiting for it to do something.  We are never fast enough to get a picture of that!

Last night I thought WOW! the puppies made it ALL night without being taken out for a potty but nah, Anthony took them out at 10pm.... I for once, slept till 4:30am!! woo hoo!

We've had quite a few good rains, where it floods the yard.  These puppies have no problem with going into puddles that are pretty deep.

Potty Training

Just when I think it's got to be over, no accidents have happen....there one goes.   Bluebelle was so excited this morning that I guess she couldn't wait till she got through the door to go.... :(   well I rushed her out faster then she could go with a loud NO!  accompanying it.

I forget how much I hate this part of puppyhood.  Crate training is going well no messes in there.  Now if they would just get it in their heads that means the rest of the house, I'd be really happy!!

Three Months Old

Yesterday (Friday 4th of Sept) marked the puppies being three months old.  Both had their 3 rd booster shots (only one set left!)

Boomer weighed in at 21.4 lbs and Bluebelle at 14.1.   I somehow managed to get the biggest and smallest pups of the litter!  Not to mention the difference in personalities.... laid back and ms activity!  :)

Maybe I spoke to soon?

Being up at 3:15 am in NOT fun....

After being let out last night at 9:30 Boomer decides it is TIME TO PLAY.   He was a bit noisy for a while after being crated.  Bluebelle went right to sleep!

So around comes this morning and SOMEONE has to go potty.... and yes here I sit on the back porch since then.  I am wide awake and can only imagine what it would be like, crating them.   hmmm, maybe I can take a nap after walking this morning?

The plus side is the crates are dry at night! :)


Are being established and coming along nicely. They get up and play for an hour or so, have breakfast, play some more! By 8am they are ready for a nice long nap which gives me time to run errands.

Late morning takes us to more play time and lunch. Then it's just the wait till the kids get out of school.

They are now 11 weeks old.