Long Story super short

We ended up returning Riley to the breeder.  She very graciously allowed us to pick out another puppy.   We are very sad about Riley but feel that he will find a home that will work out much better for him then ours.

Ok, so yes, we got another puppy....Tucker (for a lack of us finding a name we like better)
Boomer wasn't quite sure what to do with his 'mini-me'

Tucker isn't 'flashy' like Riley is.  But sweet nonetheless.

No Pictures????

Can you believe we've had Riley for over a week and I haven't posted very many pictures?  bad me, bad me!

I took a tumble down our steps in the middle of the night while carrying him.  He was fine, me not so fine.  Really bashed up my knee good.   OWWW!

Dealing with the potty training...dealing with the parts where he tries to assert himself with us and we firmly tell him "ah, we are the alpha pack members not you"....I forgot about the joys of that part of having a puppy.   Yes I am going through my self doubts about why did I get another puppy!?

Puppy Pictures!

ok here they are :) 

It's like he is saying "oh no, not ANOTHER ONE!"


Some Boomer Love




Our Puppy is Home Now!

Little Riley came home yesterday!  it was quite the introduction.  Bluebelle loves him...Boomer likes him but isn't quite sure what to do with him and Sam, well Sam is Sam! (have to know her to understand)

Riley keeps trying to see if BB or B have some lovely milk apparatus .... NOPE! 

First night went well....he was up a few times but then he is only 6 weeks old.   He is such a little love bug and really wants to explore everything and everywhere.  We broke down and got one of those play yards to put him in when he is not crated.

Lots of puppy pictures!

I am just so stinkin' cute!

all I want to do is go to sleep:

but no, my brothers won't let me!

Play time with the big red thing! 
Where did it go?

and we are pretty cute too


5 week old Australian Shepherd Puppies

In the first part of the video where mama dog is, they are about 4 1/2 weeks...the part with my daughter is where they are 5 weeks. They have turned into little fluff balls!

Wordless Friday--- Never seem to hit it on Wednesday's

almost wordless:
all the puppies were just conked out when I got out to the barn...

I just realized Boomer has one eye closed in the picture! LOL he was napping at the bus stop....hahaha

Ain't he cute?

Let's hear a great big 'ahhhhhh'.... :)   they are 4 weeks now and just the cutest little things.   I have had so much visiting with them.

The five below are the ones for sale...yes I know, Red Tucker is just the cutest thing.....I feel bad for changing my mind!  :(  Two of the red merle's have very blue eyes as of right now.