Early Morning Wakeup :(

yep, here I sit. On the back porch, watching the two puppies, typing on the computer, watching bats fly by and grab bugs. The plus side.....NO FLIES! Someone had to go potty really bad.

They slept the day away yesterday....passed out in the kitchen. Couldn't get Boomer to get up and do ANYTHING. Figured I'd pay for it this morning, yep. I am right. Here I sit.

Boomer is pretty heavy. We figure he is at about 17 pounds. BlueBelle still seems like she is light as feather. Boomer is a very solid pooch.

Not much to report

which I guess is a good thing, right? Both puppies are doing well, adjusting to the routines of the house. We spend alot of time outside on the back porch (fighting off the flies). It is pretty hard during the day watching the two of them myself (making sure no one piddles on the floor).

Today they both passed out on the kitchen floor and slept for quite awhile! It was really cute. No recent pictures sorry!

Look at these eyes

and the post wouldn't be complete without a picture of Bluebelle!

Yesterday we expanded the crates: Boomer's is full sized and Bluebelle's is about 3/4. Last night went well with no piddles in the crates....so keeping fingers crossed!

Completed 4 nights

successfully for all of us involved. :) Bluebelle is just a delight and quite the opposite of Boomer in personality. They both have qualities that the other doesn't have. If I could blend them into one dog, it would be a completely AWESOME pooch!

First two nights

have been pretty awesome. Bluebelle is not too hot on the crating but she is adjusting ok....a little crying about it but then she is quiet. I was going to say no house accidents, but in the middle of writing this had an unexpected phone call from a terrific friend and in the meantime had a piddle accident.....oh well....we caught her in the act.

Call me crazy, bonkers...

all kinds of names. We did it. Got another one. Finally got Boomer to respond to his name and have him 'come around' and be an awesome pooch and I bring another one home! duh! LOL

We got his sibling, the blue merle girl. Her name is BlueBelle. Silly name but we gave all the puppies names and that is what we called her. All the kids didn't want to change it.

This is when she was about 3 or 4 weeks old

We've only been home for about 2 hours and I am EXHAUSTED. Boomer thinks it's fun to attack/jump on her. She is getting better at standing up for herself.

Other dogs are doing fine with her....Sam tries to herd her around.....BB just wants to explore. Boomer is such a sweetheart though.....now I realize how far he has come in the last three weeks and appreciate him all the more! :)

by the way, he outweighs her by 4 lbs


Kaiser has decided Boomer is ok: He has started to play with him. Won't let him climb on him, but progress is progress! :)

Growing Up.

Boomer had his second set of shots today. Then he got to play with his siblings that are still at the barn. The black tri we had wanted (he was sold) is back for babysitting....he is just too cute...I still love him dearly. Boomer weighed in at 14lbs and is WAY bigger then all of them....

The dogs were so happy and excited to see him when we got home.....they smelled and kissed him. It was really quite cute.

Ok, call me off the wall and bananas....but I want another one! :) no not a banana.

I am really liking the little blue girl. She is so sweet.

Today was a first...

or should I say last night?

Boomer is crated up about 8pm (ok we are all pretty tired by then of watching the puppy and playing with him).  I told hubby to let him out to potty at 10p or so..... well guess who fell asleep and forgot?  you got it!

I was up at 3am (I know, WHY?... Heaven only knows....) and let everyone out....so the bottom line is Boomer went from 8p to 3am holding it! woo hoooooo!!!!!   that was a bit longer then I had plan, but he did it!

Of course someone was extremely awake and playful after that.  yawn.   Am sitting on the back porch at 4:30am.   It is nice and peaceful and temps. are wonderful at this time of morning.

Oh, and don't feed the dogs when you are half asleep.   I dumped the WHOLE dish of food all over the floor.   I could have just kicked myself.  what a mess.   AND, do you know that these dogs are so snoopy they wouldn't EAT it off of the floor!  I had to scoop it back into the dish.  geesh!


That it is fun to climb on Leo; he is like a mountain!

I still sit down to pee sometimes (dad finally believes mom now that he saw me do it)

I discovered the birds in the yard..... I don't know what they are, but how cool!

I love to stick my head in the water bucket

I have decided I am a big boy and don't want to eat out of that baby dish....bring on the big boy stainless steel dish Mom!

I love my frozen water bottles...

Best time of day is when my kids come home.....

Not much of an update

Weekend went fine....he had his first bath...I took a well needed break from being at home and went to the movies and saw GI Joe.   :)

Here are some pictures from today.   Boomer's fur is still fluffy from his bath.

Kaiser Above
Sam Below


First Bath

it's always so exciting when you have your first's for everything! :)

Today Boomer got his first bath:

Nights are getting better and hopefully we can start going for longer and longer periods at night.   I think I have finally recovered from way too many wakeups in the middle of the night.  The last few nights I hit the sack between 7p and 7:30p!

Today we are 8 weeks old!

He is so Happy to see me in the middle of the night....I just love when that little tail wags...I feel like I have really made his day/night when I show up! :)

Another successful night is under the belt and now we are working on getting a rountine down for the days. Boomer likes to take his morning nap so that works out well for me to run errands, but now I have to work on something for the afternoons as I want to also work in the classroom at school.

Using bits of food for training "come here". He is a bit of tough nut to crack and is quite independant at times.

Sleepless Nights

Finally caught up with me.  I went to bed before 7:30p last night and told the family "Ok, you are in charge of him!  I need to get some sleep".   Well Boomer did pretty darn good.....was let out at 10p and I was up at 4am.  Nothing in between those times....not sure I would have even heard him if there had been!  I was out of it.

Check out the new video posted of Boomer playing with the ball.

Second successful night....

but why oh why does 4am come so early.  YAWN!!!  middle of the night potty run and then wide awake at 4am to potty and play.   I am NOT awake at that time and thankfully it's nice outside at that time, cause we spend a lot of time out there!

Another Successful Night

Another night under our belts....about 1/2 through getting up to go potty and then wide awake at 4am to play play play!!!  yawn.....

I am buried under the toys!!  where am I?

and of course we can't forget a picture of Kaiser:

A small success!

I went from 8p to 12:30a with no mess in my crate! I am so happy :)   Then until 4a was another success!  Hurrah for me.

Now if I could only please my new mommy and listen to her when she is making noises at me.  I would much rather just do my own thing....why does she always do this when it's so hot out and want me to get up and go to her.  hrmph.

Boomer is a funny pup...the usual puppy noises/activities that get a puppy to come to you don't really seem to work.  He just ignores us and goes on about his rountine.   We decided we would try small treats and that worked for the first few times and then he is like, nah, not worth it!!

Kaiser is getting more used to him and played tug of war with him this morning.  He was very gentle with him and didn't pull to hard.

Saturday Night

All went well over night..... I was up twice; once at 10:30p and then at 1:30am. He didn't wake me up but since I woke up myself, I let everyone out.

He is passed out right now under the kitchen table. He had lunch and went back to sleep! :) Still isn't hot about coming when you call to him; make noises, clap your hands, stamp your feet. He just looks at you. I did use some liver treats (tiny pieces) to get him to come to me and that worked, but don't want to use to many and give him a tummy ache!