is doing GREAT!! she was groggy the first day when we brought her home and slept most of the day...Sunday morning she was a maniac! was running around the yard like crazy.  You would never have known she just had surgery! 

Today is the Day

Bluebelle is getting spayed.  We have tried to keep the news from her so she won't be nervous or upset :(

They are all (the dogs) wondering why they have had no breakfast nor water...I don't think they are very happy with 'mom' this morning.   We are going to see if we can 'show' Boomer, so are waiting on neutering him.

Isn't this the cutest?  both of the them snuggled together.  :)

I do believe

that the equal of the terrible two's (in humans) has now arrived at my house in a double dose :(   

These two are into EVERYTHING.... ugh.

Puppy class is

officially OVER!! woo hoo!!!  it was fun, I'd admit it.  But it was 10 weeks long and started at 7:30 at night....and the place was like 40 mins from me!   Which meant I didn't get home till almost 10 pm....way past my bedtime.

The Boomer and I scored a 2nd place spot with a very cool trophy (whoo hooo for us) Joey scored the Most Improved Team (voted by all the attendees graduating).    Everyone got a certificate and ribbon.

Boomer was totally awesome on the long sit stay and down stay.  Didn't move at all.   wasn't the best on leash and when we went off leash, he had a MAJOR scratching fit!!!  His recall was awesome and almost knocked me over (he looked like a bullet flying to me).   Didn't get the 'finish' down but it's coming along.   The breeder's dog was awesome on leash and off leash....but broke on the long sit stay/down stay..... so I ended up scoring above her, but she was so way better.

Bluebelle decided she didn't want to do much of anything so just got up and left.   But I was really proud of Joey cause he was extremely mature during this whole training session.

They are now 5 mths old (talk about time flying) and getting so big.

Four Puppies

working on our sit stays.  They all were doing well.  Bluebelle and Boomer are at the far right.