The Eyes Have It

Today was another day of agility.   Here in Tucson we are enjoying our three days of warm weather but the puppies all pooped out early in the lesson as it was HOT for us here  :)  

I didn't take Bluebelle today as I knew one of our group would be gone, which would leave us with 4 dogs (me having two) and three people (me being one of them)....and oh boy, am I ever glad I didn't!!
Wanted you to see his gorgeous eyes

even Bluebelle lays like this but not for a long time, more like a stretch!

Just some pictures of the pooches

it is a BEAUTIFUL day here, in the mid 70' cannot complain!


the pounce

success!!  ok, I made him drop it and the ground squirrel ran off

Skinny Boy Kaiser

Boomer LOVES to lay like this

Today was another Agility Day

These pups are doing really well.  It was nice to have Anthony there for help cause we had to do a bunch of obstacles (running) and having to do of them pretty much one right after the other would have killed me.   As it is, my knee was really bothering me when we done!

They are pretty pooped out when we get home, and just lay down an nap for a few hours.

Leo.  He is looking pretty old


Bluebelle after having Sam chew on her :(