Thrown Away

The other night I was out taking silhouette pictures of my son and's a little dirt road off the main road. On the way back out, as I come around the corner I see a dog crate. I am "what in the world?" I slow down and take a look. I said to my son "It looks like there is something in it!" So I park, hop out and carefully walk toward it. Since it is sunset, it was getting dark, but I could tell....there was a dog in it. I could see the lip pulled back on the teeth. I gasp in horror! The dog was dead and had been for awhile.

 I drive back home stunned that someone would just 'throw the dog away' like that.

 I called animal control the next morning and met them down by the freeway to show them the spot. The crate was just laying over the top part of the dog (german shepherd, and a young one too) He/she had been there quite a while; couldn't tell if it had been a girl or a boy. The 'owners' had put a sheet over the dog when they tossed him under the bush and the crate over the head. I would have never have seen the dog if it hadn't of been for the crate. I am just saddened that what ever happened to the dog that they just tossed it away.

RIP little pooch....I will remember you.


Dog Portraits

It's been awhile...I've been so neglectful of my doggie blog, but not a lot has been happening.....soooooo