No much happening

I've been remiss this last week about 'training'....this week, I've been AWFUL!!  but I think the puppies could use a break and me too.   Today was very chilly out (ok, come on, we do live in Arizona!)  and tomorrow morning it will be down in the 30's.....brrrrr.    It dropped over 30 degrees from yesterday to today so I was a wimp and didn't walk.   Tomorrow isn't looking good either.

The puppies are doing well with the 'come' command.   And walking out to the car with no leads on.   They go right to the car now for a 'ride'.  

Officially Four Months

Monday was the puppies four month old birthday! Time sure does fly.   We are 1/2 way through obedience training and all of the puppies (there are 5 of the litter in class) are doing really well....I am proud of ALL OF THEM!

These puppies have been such a joy....we all get a kick out of watching the 'stub' wag when they are happy...just brings a smile to your face.  When Bluebelle is happy she turns into a U shape....that is really funny.

Blessing of the Animals

The boys were schedule to work during this mass, so Olivia and I brought Kaiser, Boomer and Bluebelle.... oh my!!  I am very sure that it lasted way longer then mass ever does......bringing three dogs is quite tiring.  The funny part is we exhausted the puppies and Kaiser too.....!  It was nice in the end, when it was over.   Not sure I will attempt this again though!

ah, how cute!


BlueBelle moved at the last second. They will be 16 weeks tomorrow and doing AWESOME with the obedience training.