A Piddle

Up at 11pm (Leo) everyone out to potty.....jump ahead to 4am and puppy crying.....yep, he did a BIG piddle in the crate. I will say he was MOST unhappy and when he got out side was rubbing his butt on the ground trying to get it off. I hope and PRAY this will be his one and only time this will happen.

Either it's me or it's Boomer, but I swear he doesn't like me anymore. Which is just great as I am the main caretaker. He seems fine and happy with everyone else. Just doesn't want to have anything to do with me.

Maybe a lack of sleep, not feeling good (had a horrible sinus headache yesterday) is making me overly emotional...I don't know.


Well I woke up on the grouchy side today....no, not cause of the puppy.....LEO!! 11pm ..... and then I woke up at 3:30 am myself......oh no, I guess I didn't now that I remember rightly...that was the puppy that woke me up. Boomer was wide awake and wanting to play. All I have to say is thank goodness it's nice outside at that time of day, as I spent probably an hour sitting out there while he was playing etc.

No pictures this morning.....my head hurts too much to take a picture!

Someone will get....

a smaller crate as of tonight. He did well last night; Anthony let him out at 11:30pm (unbeknowst to me) and I let everyone out at 2:30am. No accidents in the kennel...... but wait!! I left for a few hours and came home to a puddle :( :( :( I had been so happy he didn't piddle in the middle of the night, then this. I guess I am expecting way too much of a young puppy?

So his crate will be reduced to a smaller size tonight. I really hope and pray he doesn't want to sleep in his mess....I feel so mean doing it, but I know it has to be done. wahhhhhhhhhh

I took some video this morning so I will upload it later today.
Here is the link to the page

Here I am back to update my post:


I don't think I have ever seen a puppy who actually sits to pee.....he is very sneaky cause he does that in the house and by the time you realize he is doing his "sitting pee" he has already gone on the floor!! ARRRRGHHH

Sometimes I (Boomer) am anti social and just go do what I want to do and don't even pay attention when the humans are trying to get my attention
is that my age? my temperament? my personality?

Sometimes (this is me talking) over the last 5 days, that 'trait' has been a put off... I so fell in love with him and the Black Tri, but Gus like merle coloring better.....hope we made the right choice!

Signed Reena who is second guessing herself now

Third Night....Or Three Dog Night...oh wait, we.....

have FOUR!! duh. See it IS a lack of sleep!

Someone actually slept for a long span of time. Leo had me up at, I think it was 11:30 (these dogs have had the runs, off and on, like you wouldn't believe....nothing seems to help!). Sometimes all at the same time (think it was the food) then it will be one, then the other....etc. Leo is by far the worse one. He has a very sensitive tummy. Speaking to a friend today who also has a shepherd, this seems to be a prevalent thing with them.
Leo then had me up at 2:30 am AGAIN for a potty run....Boomer went out with us that time. Did both of the potties like a good boy....but then he wants to PLAY......and boy did he holler when he was crated again...thankfully it didn't last for a long time. He did do a potty on his puppy pad though :( he had been doing sooooooo good up till then. sniff sniff. After speaking with the breeder it was suggested that I NOT have that in there with him, so the kennel will now be stripped down.

Kaiser is getting better at not be a scary cat around him and is going over and smelling him and a small itty bitty ounce of playing with him.

New Observations:

I am quite feisty

Have realized I have a voice and I can use it

Ha! the big dogs don't know what to do with me when I use that voice

[caption id="attachment_76" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Playing Tug of War with Kaiser"]Playing Tug of War with Kaiser[/caption]

The 2nd night of Adventure

ok, it's a tiny video... and dark. But he does love to play tug of war! :)

ok, not sure it is really an adventure....but I do know I am a getting tired from a lack of a full night's sleep!

Some observations:

I don't know my name yet

I have figured out how to go up the steps to the patio after we have finished a potty (figured that out the first day)

That it is fun to bite the tails of the big guys (maybe cause I don't have one?)

I think my mom's earlobe is one of the milk fountains I don't get anymore...I sure do miss those

I can pass out into a dead sleep at the blink of an eye

Big Sister Sam watches out for me and tolerates me (mostly) trying to nurse on her.... big brothers NOT

I love playing with Olivia

The cat in NOT impressed by my ultra cuteness

Tug of War is FUN FUN FUN

First Night

First night wasn't tooooooo bad......it sure is like having a new baby in the house.  Anthony was a help for me.... he got up at 11pm and let Boomer out...then I was up at 1am with him and the other dogs....and stepped in poop of course (outside).  Then up at 3:30am.   Boomer decided it was for sure playtime now!  By 4am we went back to sleep for awhile....Mom was tired!

I tried my modified backpack/sling for walking (with Boomer in it) and it works out ok, but I won't be doing any LONG walks with him in there.  Even at less then 8lbs, he is still heavy to carry around! whew.

He is sleeping now; so when he wakes up it's more play time, eating, potty and then back to sleep.  I have to go do my daily errands!! :)

Finally Home and Exhausted!

We brought Boomer home today and introduced him to the older dogs.   All has gone well so far...we've been outside for a pee/poop and have had lunch.  Now we are tired again and having another nap!

Music Video

of the puppies playing with my son, Anthony.  They are 5 weeks now.

Just Born

A great surprise when we got to the barn in June...PUPPIES
the future Boomer is in the middle (and Bluebelle is laying right next to him!)

First Post on the Aussie Blog

Thanks for stopping by to visit. We are soon to welcome a new puppy into the house; a 6 week old Australian Shepherd. What has been so much fun about this, is we have seen the litter of 7 since they were about 3 hours old! The journey of watching them grow and develop has been such a joy.